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It is our mission to educate and encourage individuals to purchase property in the Lawndale and Garfield community. Our hope is that community members will gain a sense of pride about the community they live in and work together to keep it from deteriorating. Below is a description of the programs we offer. 

Home Buying Program

Every month, AMES offer FREE workshops on topics such as purchasing a home, obtaining financing, rehabbing.

Volunteer Program

Once a week, AMES recruit volunteers to go out in the community and clean up the streets, sidewalks, parks and paint over graffiti. Volunteers also help with putting together community events such as talent shows, block club parties, and banquets.

Rent to Own Program

AMES assists individuals interested in owning an apartment and are looking to rent or purchasing a home in their area.

Own to Keep Program

AMES assists homeowners who qualify for assistance in renovating or upgrading specific areas of their property

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